I love this post from Pursuing Holiness writer Laura:

Enough, already. I’m going on strike.

She writes:

I’m not anti-government or even anti-social programs.  I was on welfare myself.  The system helped me tremendously so that I progressed from being without any decent job skills to clerical work to computer work – and owning a small business.  In the long term, I’ve given back much more to society than I’ve taken, both in my personal giving and in my tax receipts.  But the massive increases in entitlements – both in attitudes and in planned spending – have convinced me it’s gone too far.

This is sober-minded post about why so many people are frustrated with the stimulus and housing plans from the government.

Many of us have no problem with temporary government payments to help someone get on their feet.  Many of us have no problem with giving hundreds or thousands of dollars per month to charities and churches who serve homeless or other populations.

However, there is a HUGE difference between charity and a mooching lifestyle.  There’s a HUGE difference between ACORN- funded by taxpayers- breaking into a houses and demanding lower payments for someone- funded by taxpayers.

Charity is fine.  Home ownership is a right?  No thank you.  What is so wrong with renting?

It’s entitlement, it’s gross, and it’s wrong.