WSJ has the transcript here.

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Flopping Aces has Obingo!

Jim Treacher has a different take on the speech.

Bobby Jindal response here.

If you didn’t watch or hear the speech, here’s a summary:

College Education- Right

Home Ownership – Right

Healthcare – Right

Well-paying  Job- Right

Actually Working – Optional

More summary/satire/sweet release:

– Wall Street executives are evil

– Small business people are not evil

– Private jets are bad, except for, um, ehem, the President

– I have followed through on my tax cut to everyone.  Please enjoy your monthly government-provided car wash, dinner at Olive Garden, or Vonage phone plan.

– Government’s role is to save you.  Things don’t take care of themselves (free market).  Even though the market is the people, you don’t know what you are doing.

– We will cut the huge deficits in half right after we pass the largest spending package in the history of humankind.

– The government will give you “free” healthcare.  We will cure cancer.  Healthcare reform will happen now.   This is your right.

– College education is now a right.

– National or community service (working for a liberal front group) will be generously rewarded with college tuition discounts.

– Recovery plan is free of earmarks.  I guess a lie becomes true if you keep repeating it.  Who said that- Vladimir Lenin.

– You will receive a tax cut if you don’t make a lot of money.  Have your cake and eat it too!