Thank you for reading my blog.

Please humor me and think about each of these questions for at least five seconds:

Do individual freedoms matter?

Are Democrats and Republicans both right?  Or wrong?

Is heaven a place on earth? Do you believe in a Utopian society?

Do results matter or can you just be sincere?

Is man basically good or basically bad?  Somewhere in between- with God and a little accountability?

Should the government encourage individual charity or redistribute wealth?

You are done.  How did you do?

In the middle?  Shades of gray?  Left, right, right of center, center of right but slightly to the left on a good day?


I enjoy these questions. That’s why I’m doing this.

If you read this blog long enough you will discover a few things:

1) I am a Christian.  I believe the Bible accurately describes the public ministry of Jesus Christ.  I believe the Apostles’ Creed.  Please read the Gospel According to John (the book of John in the New Testament) if you have any questions.  Consider what C.S. Lewis said about Christ- he’s either Lord (who he said he was), a lunatic, or a liar.

2) Therefore my views will generally come from a Christian worldview.  You should know this.

3) I believe humankind is imperfectable this side of heaven.  That means people with power- government officials, CEOs, bankers, pastors-all need multiple layers of accountability to serve their constituents, shareholders, account holders, and flock.  One more thing- I don’t think mankind is getting better.  I’ll leave the definition of  “better” up to you.

4)  I believe our government should strongly encourage charitable giving rather than government welfare spending.  We don’t need more faith-based spending by the government, we need more tax credits on our charitable donations, church offerings, and non-profit givings.

5) I’m pretty close to being a classic liberal.  Do you know what that is?  Please do not be afraid.  Visit this link or this link for more info before you cast me out.

6) I believe sincerity is overrated.   Being sincere and offering a poor solution to a serious problem does not help.  Sincerity is a poor remedy for guilt.  Jesus Christ will liberate you if you struggle with this issue.  Please see point number one.

7) “Fair” is one of the most dangerous words used today.  Think about it.

So now you know a little bit more about me.  If you hang around long enough you’ll see this blog is kind of my digital therapy.  It helps me vent and say my peace. It’s also a place to communicate the principles and ideals which made the United States of America the greatest ongoing experiment in the history of  earthly government.

I’ll leave you with this wonderful quote:

“Accumulating knowledge is a form of avarice and lends itself to another version of the Midas story …man [is] so avid for knowledge that everything that he touches turns to facts; his faith becomes theology; his love becomes lechery; his wisdom becomes science; pursuing meaning, he ignores truth.”

Malcolm Muggeridge

I hope this blog challenges you.  Again, thank you for reading.


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