President Obama

Down is up, up is down…

From CNBC/ Kudlow: Obama Declares War on Investors, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, And More

He is declaring war on investors, entrepreneurs, small businesses, large corporations, and private-equity and venture-capital funds.

From Michelle Malkin: AIG’s reward for failure: Another $30 billion in taxpayer-backing

The first $85 billion bailout under Bush didn’t work. The second $38 billion under Bush didn’t work. So, hey, how about tossing another $30 billion down the hole?


Why not invest in a successful company?  Ha!  Stupid logic.

Keep putting more gasoline on the fire, that will put it out.

Washington Wire at WSJ Blog :White House Touts Factory Reopening

In a statement released by the White House, the administration touted the decision last week by a California-based maker of energy-efficient windows to buy and reopen a shuttered window manufacturing company in Chicago. The White House credited the move to new funding in the stimulus bill for weatherization programs.

The government is creating markets for overpriced products that nobody wants (no demand).  It’s almost as sick as the other bailouts.

Want to stimulate the economy?  Create windows nobody wants!

Why not just break windows instead?

And Newt at CPAC- Cap and Trade = energy tax.  You can use the $13 a week to pay for your increased energy costs!


Great article from Mona Charen of NRO at Real Clear Politics:

Obama’s Strange Habit of Denying What He’s Doing

Two wonderful paragraphs:

With the public suitably frightened and biddable, Obama now strides to the podium and begins prescribing particular government policies. (Have you noticed his troubling habit of denying what he is doing? For example, in his speech to Congress he said he asked for the stimulus bill “not because I believe in bigger government — I don’t.” And in recommending a bailout of mortgage holders, he denied that any relief would go to “speculators” or those who “bought more house than they could afford” but that is exactly what the package will do.)

And this:

Obama, like other liberals, wants to dispense with experimentation and debate (which he dismisses as the “the same old gridlock and partisan posturing”) and sluice an enormous liberal/socialist wish list, to include single-payer health care, universal college education, and so-called green energy into law.

Obama’s revisionist economic history is dishonest.  Combine this with his “trust me” attitude of anecdotal non-analysis  and the Democratic majority will ruin this great country.

WSJ has the transcript here.

Michelle Malkin here.

Hot Air has commentary and an open thread.

Flopping Aces has Obingo!

Jim Treacher has a different take on the speech.

Bobby Jindal response here.

If you didn’t watch or hear the speech, here’s a summary:

College Education- Right

Home Ownership – Right

Healthcare – Right

Well-paying  Job- Right

Actually Working – Optional

More summary/satire/sweet release:

– Wall Street executives are evil

– Small business people are not evil

– Private jets are bad, except for, um, ehem, the President

– I have followed through on my tax cut to everyone.  Please enjoy your monthly government-provided car wash, dinner at Olive Garden, or Vonage phone plan.

– Government’s role is to save you.  Things don’t take care of themselves (free market).  Even though the market is the people, you don’t know what you are doing.

– We will cut the huge deficits in half right after we pass the largest spending package in the history of humankind.

– The government will give you “free” healthcare.  We will cure cancer.  Healthcare reform will happen now.   This is your right.

– College education is now a right.

– National or community service (working for a liberal front group) will be generously rewarded with college tuition discounts.

– Recovery plan is free of earmarks.  I guess a lie becomes true if you keep repeating it.  Who said that- Vladimir Lenin.

– You will receive a tax cut if you don’t make a lot of money.  Have your cake and eat it too!